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Five Good Reasons Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

  • Each year, millions of unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized (killed) at shelters across the country. Although pet behavioral problems are the main reasons animals are given to shelters, many orphans are the result of accidental breeding by free-roaming, unaltered pets. The more pets spayed or neutered, the fewer dogs and cats will have to be destroyed.

  • Hundreds of dogs and cats are turned away from shelters each year because there is simply not enough room at the shelter to accommodate them.

  • Spaying your pet before her first estrous cycle (that is, before she reaches sexual maturity) greatly reduces her chances of developing breast cancer and completely eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer and uterine infection, which are common occurrences in unaltered females.

  • Neutering your male dog or cat prevents testicular tumors and may prevent prostate problems. Neutering also decreases the possibility of perianal tumors and hernias, which are commonly observed in older, unaltered dogs. Because neutered cats are less likely to roam, the threat of abscesses caused by bites and diseases transmitted by fighting are greatly reduced.
  • Males neutered early in life are less aggressive toward other males and are not distracted by females in heat. Therefore, a neutered male will be less tempted to leave your property and cross that dangerous highway searching for a mate. Neutered males also are less likely to mark every one of your (or your neighbor’s) expensive shrubs with his urine as well as inside the house.

  • Spaying your female pet eliminates the problem of stray males camping in your yard and decreases her desire to roam and breed.
  • Spaying prevents your pet from giving birth to unwanted puppies or kittens.
  • Because female dogs pass bloody fluid for about ten days, twice a year, as a part of their estrous cycle, constant care must be taken to avoid carpet stains in homes with such animals. Spaying your dog eliminates this problem.

Who We Are

The National Sterilization Project (NSP)

The NSP is passionate about South Africa’s animals, which deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. By working in partnership with the community, we can make a substantial difference in protecting these animals.

The National Sterilization Project (NSP) was established in 2008 to reduce the growing number of unwanted and neglected pets through an ongoing, nationwide mass sterilization program. A registered non-profit organization (NPO 068-048), the NSP receives no government funding and relies solely on the generosity of the animal loving public.

Our mission is to subsidize each sterilization performed by our ten golden beneficiaries.

To increase the number of sterilizations performed by partnering with more animal welfare groups that have established sterilization programs.

To keep on growing until we have a golden beneficiary in every region in South Africa

To document every sterilization in which the NSP has been involved, and to provide our donors with these tangible results via our website.

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